The Head of Logistics and Warehousing will oversee all teams and processes responsible for importing and exporting production materials, storage and order fulfilment for all finished goods customer orders both domestically and internationally across Aspinal of London sites and 3rd party logistics partners.

This role relies on effective and persuasive communication at all levels of the business across all levels of hierarchy from operative to board level as well as a detailed understanding of international omni-channel sales fulfilment.

The role also requires strong negotiation skills and an ability to manage 3rd party contract performance in line with agreed SLAs.


  • Provide direction and leadership to Warehouse and Logistics teams
  • Feedback on company performance and business strategy including promotions and events
  • Report weekly at Leadership Trade Meetings on successes, capacity and concerns


  • Responsible for successful delivery of all Head Office Warehouse functions
  • Provide clear and frequent feedback to Customer Services of all customer facing functions (Returns, Repairs, Back Orders etc)
  • Work with the Warehouse management team to drive efficiency in all Warehouse processes
  • Plan all budgets related to Head Office Warehouse and provide a clear strategy for business growth across all channels.
  • Ensure correct health and safety procedures are adhered to
  • Provide adequate security to all warehouse stock areas in Head Office
  • Provide stock management and movement (including props) for all business events including sample sales, launch events, press days and new store openings


  • Responsible for all freight contracts and cost (both express carriers and freight forwarders)
  • Ensure the right carriers and methods are being used to move all freight (from customer delivery to importing from factories and direct to market movements)
  • Develop fulfilment strategies for all sales channels providing effective replenishment and delivery depending on requirements and costs


  • Manage 3PL contract and service delivery ensuring efficiency in fulfilment and cost
  • Oversee next phase of 3PL implementation (Retail, Wholesale and Franchise fulfilment
  • Ensure all IT requirements are operational and resolve issues as and when they arise
  • Manage Aspinal of London Logistics team to ensure all day to day operations are completed in a timely manner
  • Work with 3PL provider to ensure all sales targets are understood and planned for
  • Working with Warehouse and Logistics management team ensure all quality standards are met and understood by our partners

Logistics and Freight

  • Provide strategy and implementation plans for all movements of finished goods and raw materials within the supply chain
  • Ensure Aspinal is working with the right partners for moving goods across all sales channels.
  • Manage the Logistics Team and oversea all goods in transit and ensure correct and on time delivery within expected costs
  • Review procedures for global distribution of customer orders to ensure local clearance procedures are adhered to (including shipping of exotic animal skins with CITES, temporary movement of goods via Carnet and movement of leathers into markets that require Vet Certification)